The other Fauntleroy-dogs and the dogs handled by Fauntleroy.
This is another Curly.
Her full name is:Curly Girl Sesha Nehera.She is bred and owned by Kitty Bergman and was handled throughout  her showcareer by me.
Curly is Dutch,Belgium,Swedish,Luxemburg and international champion.She also won the worldtitle in Brussels in1995.
Curly was also #5 all breeds agility winner in the Netherlands.
Curlies daughter Datang Dido Sesha Nehera is also a Dutch showchampion.She was Dutch agility champion(FHN) in1999,and in 2000.
During the Winnershow in Amsterdam(111-25-2000) she won third prize during the agility.
This is our first standard poodle Rusch Kalle Anka.
He was bred by our friends the Tornlovs from Sweden.
Jason ,as we called him ,hated shows.
As long as we didn't bring him out to often ,he would perform.My sister Hetty showed him in junior handling and together they won the first ever Junior handling competition in the Netherlands. So Hetty went to Cruft's.
Jason was Reserve best veteran in show at the Bundessieger in Dortmund Germany in1993.

We have other breeds as well.
My border collie Detania Roosje was best border collie bitch of the year in 1994.
She is a Dutch and Luxemburg champion.
She also is a much loved pet and my constant companion.She rules al the other dogs and also the ducks and chickens in out backyard.
(Ducks should be in the pond).
Unfortunately Rosie developed cancer,in her right frontleg.With the help of painkllers we try to keep her as confortable as possible and at this moment she is still going strong.
This is Nightshade of Fauntleroy.He is supposed to be a black mini,but he has changed colour at age3.He is now a beautiful blue.This colour is unfortunately not allowed at F.C.I.shows ,so he is just a pet now.
Before he got to silvery in colour,he was shown.
At the open show in Heemstede he was best bred-by-exibitor in show and second runner up for best in show in 1997.
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During the specialty of the N.P.C. in 1994 a couple of members  demonstrated agility and obedience with poodles.
This is my mum ,with our standard poodle Moldick Chaka Zulu.
Sjakie is a son of Jason.
Now 15 years old ,Chaka is still going strong.
At the year 2000 show of the Utrechtse Rashonden Vereniging ,Chaka was Best Senior in Show and #5 Best in Show,thus defeating much younger poodles.
At the same show in 2001 Chaka was Best veteran in show and #7 BIS.
Chaka only sired 1 litter during his life,but one of the puppies is really stunning.
His owner Verena Leuenberger from France showed him to a CACIB in stiff competition.
The latest addition to our kennel is a little shih-tzu.My mother loves the breed and when our last shih-tzu died she imported this lovely black and white bitch from Germany.
Chia,as she is called behaves like a German sheppard,as she took over as Alpha-bitch.