The Fauntleroy Line.
When Curly was 3 years old,she had been shown with some nice results.At that time I started handling several poodles for other people,so there was no time for my own dogs to show.I was handling Multi champion Aspen Allouette (Tessa)with great succes.Tessa' s wins included World champion 1983 in Madrid.
Curly was bred to a male I greatly admired and who came very close to my ideal.His name was Multi Ch.White Vero van de Molenvliet.He became one of the top whites of Europe at that time.The breeding resulted in 3 bitches.One of them unfortunately died ,but the other two grew up to fine poodles.
Their names are Burnett and Brilliance in White of Fauntleroy
Tessa,on the right,winning the Worldtitle in Madrid,Spain.
I kept both bitches and added another Vero daughter to the kennel.
Her name is Adinda Lady Marina van de Molenvliet.
Brilliance in White,better known as Erwtje, was the best,conformationwise.
Not only did she have a career as a show-and broodbitch,but she also landed a role in a sitcom on Dutch television.
In this picture you can see her on the set in her role as "Matahari,the champion poodle of auntie Tip".I' m in the background and next to her is Dutch televisionstar Mr.Coen Flink.
Erwtje absolutely loved the attention she got.
Erwtje's first litter was sired by her half-brother Benske van Ricoda's Hof.This beautiful male was shown only a few times.His dad was of course Vero and his mum was only once defeated at a Dutch show(by Curly,at 9 months).
Out of this litter of 2 ,I kept a fabulous male;Donovan of Fauntleroy.
Mom and her daughters,Erwtje,Curly and Fusty
Donovan's story is sadly a short one.When he was only one and a half years old he was run over by a car and he didn' survive the accident.Fortunately I had already bred him to Gina;the Molenvliet bitch,thus doubling up on Vero once more.The litter contained 2 males and 1 female.One of the males was the spitting image of his dad,so he stayed here.He was to become the first homebred champion of our kennel.
Dutch and Luxemburg Ch.Elijah of Fauntleroy ,or Harvey  had a very succesful showcareer.
He was best dwarfpoodle in show twice at the national specialty;once going reserve B.I.S.and once third B.I.S.
He won several B.I.G. at local shows and he was B.I.S. at the Amsterdam Tournament .
Harvey was also used as a stud.Several of his puppies did quite nicely.Little Josha Snow Storm v. Rospijko finished his title in Luxemburg and is a C.A.C. winner here in Holland.Harvey's miniature son Waterman won the C.A.C.I.B. at the Winnershow in Amsterdam in 1995.Unfortunately a lot of his sons went oversize.His daughters were all quite small.

Harvey at his groomingtable.
Harvey was bred to the littersister of Erwtje;Fusty.
The bitch from this litter:Jazz-Mine of Fauntleroy,a.k.a.Remi went to friends of ours ,so I could breed a litter from her.Remi was shown only a couple of times,before she developed an allergic reaktion to a rabies shot,which resulted in a hairless spot,2 inches in diameter.
So Remi was bred.At this time I decided I needed an outcross.With most of the males going oversize,I was looking for a size -reducer.
Ronald Hanepen had just imported a stud from English/American toy decent.
The breeding resulted in 1 beautiful small male;Teuntje.
Curly and her grandson Harvey at a local show.
Teuntje.a.k.a. Dutch Ch. Mr. Montgomery of Fauntleroy.Lux.Jr.Ch.
World puppy winner 1995
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