This is the History of the Fauntleroy poodles.
As a young girl,my greatest wish,was to own a dog.I had no real preference;just a dog.My mother was not realy fond of the idea,thinking she would be the one to take care of it,when my interest weaned.
Little did she know.
After looking in the small ad's in the newspaper for years,I found someone ,who offered white dwarfpoodle puppies.I had no idea where else I could get a puppy.I was 12 years old at that time and I was not jet interested in registrations and pedigrees.The little bitch I choose was not registered with the kennelclub,but if she had ,been I could have shown her.
She was called Anja and she was spoiled rotten.Her favorite foods were liverwurst and chocolate.I learned how to groom on her and    I learned how to obedience train my dog.Anja loved showing off,as you can see in the pictures.
Her name is Marijke van der Lugt and we became great friends.Together we visited lots of shows and when she had a litter of puppies ,the year after Anja died ,one of the them came to live with us.This little bitch ,named Curly ,was the start of the Fauntleroy line.
When Anja was about 3 years old ,I was shopping for a new hairdryer.The lady,who owned the shop I went to,owned 3 dwarfpoodles.Two of them where in showtrim.I told her I needed the hairdryer for my poodle and she showed me her dogs and soon we were "talking poodles.

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